Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance

Application Management Services (AMS) provide ongoing functional and technical support for a company’s application maintenance needs. SoftPro Labs is expertise in this area and is determined by well, and consistently, it manages to stabilize, optimize and extend a client’s application. So that client’s business functionality continues to meet their growing and changing needs.

SoftPro Lab’s AMS brings business relevant application maintenance and support for different models like Shared and full support services offering for ongoing application.

Application support requires more than just technical knowledge. SoftPro Labs’ AMS teams have, a combined excellent customer service skills, SLA-based service management expertise and critical business domain and functional knowledge along with relevant platform and technology skills. This combined skill mix enables rapid problem resolution with increased business performance.

SoftPro Labs provides all types of support such as L1, L2, L3 with the combination of shared or full support services.

As per client’s IT requirement, SoftPro Labs provide with client’s convenient support location options.

  •   Full Onsite Model
  •   Onsite-Offshore Model
  •   Full Offshore Model

Our AMS services include:

  •   Production Support and maintenance:
    •   Bug fixes,
    •   Know how,
    •   Corrective maintenance and
    •   Preventive maintenance
  •   Product enhancements:
    •   Adding new functionality to the existing application or
    •   Extending the exiting functionality. (New reports, configurations etc,)


  •   Cost reduction and greater Return on Investment (RoI)
  •   Lower downtime
  •   Performance Optimization
  •   Increase flexibility and responsiveness to your business needs
  •   Improve your customer satisfaction and productivity

Support Model: